Baldwin Graphic Sys., Inc. v. Siebert, Inc., No. 03 C 7713, 2006 WL 3718074 (N.D. Ill. Dec. 14, 2006) (Moran, J.).

Judge Moran’s opinion addressed several motions in limine in preparation for a February 5 trial (good luck to both sides).  Of special note, the Court delayed ruling upon plaintiff’s motion to exclude deposition testimony of two witnesses regarding prior use as hearsay .  Defendant argued, not surprisingly, that the testimony it intended to introduce was not hearsay.  The Court, however, could not rule on the motion because neither party provided the Court with copies of the relevant deposition testimony.  Practice tip:  always provide the Court with the evidence underlying your motions and arguments.  It is hard for a court to rule without seeing the evidence it is ruling upon.