The Chicago Auto Show runs from February 9-18 at the McCormick Place.  As a former IP licensing and litigation counsel for Delphi (the largest auto supplier in the world), I have a soft spot for the Auto Show and highly recommend that you check it out.  It is especially great for kids who love to climb through the cars and, after a certain age, use the backdoor child-safety locks to lock brother and sisters in the cars.  But this year’s show appears to include a trademark dispute.  According to the Electronic Frontier Foundation* counsel for the Chicago Auto Show has sent this letter claiming that the Shutdown’s website uses the Auto Show’s trademarks in an infringing manner and demanding that any such infringement be stopped.  Shutdown and its counsel appear ready to fight, as can be seen in their response to the Auto Show’s cease and desist letter.  I have not reviewed the facts or trademarks at issue and so take no position on who may be correct in this dispute, but a quick look at the banners atop the Auto Show’s site and Shutdown’s site, suggests that Shutdown is at least using all or much of the Auto Show’s banner.

Thanks to the Cogito Ergo Teneo Blog for the heads up here.

* The EFF represents the accused infringer in this dispute.