Blawg Review #123 was published today by the Texas Appellate Law Blog.  For those who do not know, Blawg Review is a review of each week’s law-related blog posts hosted by a different legal blog each week.  This week’s review is written in the style of an appellate opinion.* The review highlights yesterday’s Blog post reporting that Roger Ebert has withdrawn Disney’s right to use Ebert’s thumbs up/thumbs down trademark until negotiations regarding Ebert’s return to his movie review program are resolved.  I will be hosting the Blawg Review on November 5th.

*  The Blawg Review opinion did not reach the issue of whether "blawg" or "law blog" is the correct term for legal blogs.  This is, perhaps surprisingly, a hotly contested issue (and here and here).  I side with Kevin O’Keefe at LexBlog.  Legal blog or law blog is sufficiently descriptive and the least confusing title.  "Blawg" is too cute and confuses people.