Tomorrow, Saturday, June 13 at 12:01 a.m., Facebook begins allowing users to create personalized URLS for Facebook pages.  A user’s Facebook page has previously been designated by a seemingly random number assigned for each user.  But starting just after midnight tonight, users will be able to register more meaningful URLs, such as  Facebook users are very excited about this and it could be good for business that utilize Facebook, but it also poses a threat for trademark holders.  Facebook users could accidentally or intentionally register site names including your trademarks or terms confusingly similar to them.  To Facebook’s credit, they have provided a mechanism to help prevent trademark infringement.  You can click here for an online Facebook form which asks for your name, contact email, company, exact trademark and trademark registration number.  It is unclear whether Facebook will act on common law trademarks that have not been registered.  Additionally, you will need to resubmit the form separately for each trademark you wish to identify to Facebook.  I would encourage trademark owners to register their marks with Facebook and to strongly consider securing personalized Facebook pages with their trademarks to further protect themselves, if you use Facebook with your business or think that someone else might.