IP Business Congress 2009 is in Chicago through this afternoon.  Unfortunately, client commitments have kept me from attending as much of the event as I would have liked, but you can see from the following Twitter live microblogs of the event that it was an excellent program:  @DuncanBucknell; @AwakenIP; @IPBC2009; @JackDTodd; and @thinkfireip.  Or check out a search for microblog posts about the event here.  And watch for a few interviews from the event on the Blog over the next few weeks.

And before you leave the IPBC, stop by Meet the Bloggers VI at the world famous Billy Goat Tavern.  The Billy Goat is just down and below the street from the Four Seasons at 430 N. Michigan Avenue.  Go to the Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue and take the stairs below the sidewalk to find the Billy Goat.  Thanks again to Meet the Blogger creator and Meet the Blogger III host John Welch of the TTABlog for allowing me to use the Meet the Blogger name.