On October 29 from 7:30 until 9:15 am at the Gleacher Center in Chicago, Analysis Group is hosting a free seminar about the entire market value rule that looks very interestin.  Here is how they describe it:

The entire market value rule (or "EMVR") allows for the recovery of patent infringement damages based on the value of the entire product that contains an infringing component (when the patent-related feature is the basis for consumer demand). It has historically been a potent tool for patentholders claiming damages in intellectual property cases. However, increased scrutiny of the application of the EMVR suggests that more rigorous, empirical approaches are needed to provide adequately detailed evidence of consumer-driven demand. In this seminar:


David C. Giardina, Esq., Partner at Sidley Austin LLP, will address the impact recent cases such as Lucent Technologies v. Gateway Inc. may have on future damages claims and analytic requirements by the courts.

Iain M. Cockburn, Ph.D.,

George Schultz Professor of Economics, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business; Dean Designate, Yale School of Management, will discuss hedonic analysis, a method that uses actual product, price, and sales data, to evaluate consumer demand.

John R. Hauser, Sc.D., Professor of Marketing and Head of the Management Science Area of MIT Sloan School of Management, will focus on the use of conjoint analysis, a survey methodology that can be employed in the absence of sufficient market data, to assess consumer preferences.



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