The Licensing Executives Society is hosting its 2010 annual meeting in Chicago from September 26 through September 29.  I will be attending and I know several other bloggers will be there as well.  So, it is a great time for the next Chicago-area law blogger gathering, and of course non-bloggers are welcome as well.  We will be gathering Monday, September 27 beginning at 6:00 pm at Lizzie McNeill’s, the only Irish pub on the Chicago River according to Lizzie’s.  Lizzie’s is located on the Chicago River at 400 N. McClurg Court, next to the Sheraton that is hosting the annual meeting.  I hope to see you there, especially Peter Zura of the 271 Patent Blog; Stephen Albainy-Jenei of Patent Baristas; and the anonymous Ed. of Blawg Review.