Here are several Chicago-area intellectual property CLEs that look like worthwhile programs:
The next installment on the Chicago IP Colloquium is February 24, at Chicago-Kent, Room 305. Professor Anupam Chander, UC Davis School of Law, will discuss his paper: Youthful Indiscretion & Digital Memory.
On February 27, John Marshall is hosting its 53rd annual Intellectual Property Law Conference. The day-long program has two tracks: 1) patents; and 2) trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. The program is full of interesting presenters, including Internet Cases’ Evan Brown — click here for a preview of his presentation regarding open source disputes.

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The next installment of the Spring 2009 Chicago Intellectual Property Colloquium is this Tuesday, February 10, at 4:00 pm in Room 1103 at Loyola University Chicago Law School.* This installment of the Colloquium will be especially interesting to the Blog’s readers, as the paper to be presented is directly focused on patent litigation. Professor Colleen Chien of Santa Clara University Law School will present her paper: Narratives and Evidence in the Litigation of High-Tech Patents. The event will be held at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, 25 East Pearson Street, on Tuesday, February 10, 2009, 4:00 p.m. in Room 1103. Chien’s paper uses data from the Stanford IP Litigation Clearinghouse.
* The Colloquium is jointly sponsored by Chicago-Kent and Loyola University Chicago.

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The Chicago IP Colloquium has another strong line up for its 2009 edition. The Colloquium jointly sponsored by Chicago-Kent and Loyola Chicago began yesterday at Kent with Professor Joseph Miller of Lewis & Clark Law School presenting his paper Hoisting Originality. Papers from past Colloquia are available here.
The leaders of the Colloquium are Professor Graeme Dinwoodie, Director, Program in Intellectual Property Law, Chicago-Kent College of Law and Professor Cynthia Ho, Loyola law School. Mark your calendars for the remaining sessions of the 2009 Colloquium:
February 10, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Room 1103
Professor Colleen Chien, Santa Clara University Law School
Paper: Patent Detente – Solutions to the Patent Arms Race
February 24, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Room 305
Professor Anupam Chander, UC Davis School of Law
Paper: Youthful Indiscretion & Digital Memory
March 24, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Room 1103
Professor David Adelman, The University of Arizona
Paper: Visualizing Patent Domains: Emerging Empirical Methods & Their Implications for Patent Policy
April 7, Chicago-Kent College of Law, Room 305
Professor Lisa Ramsey, University of San Diego School of Law
Paper: Free Speech and International Obligations to Protect Trademarks
April 21, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Room 1103
Professor Frank Pasquale, Seton Hall University School of Law
Paper: Search, Copyright, and Speech

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I have several smaller IP-related items today, none of which warranted a single post:
The Wall Street Journal reported last Friday that the Patent Reform Act (S. 1145) will likely not reach the Senate floor — click here for the story. It was widely reported throughout the first quarter that the bill was expected to be brought to the full Senate by March or April of this year. The WSJ reported that the Act’s move out of the Judiciary Committee stalled because of a stalemate over the Act’s controversial damages provision.
Virtually Blind hosts a Blawg Review #156 focused on, no surprise, all thinks virtual and Second Life.
The John Marshall Law School is hosting a free presentation by Southern Methodist University Law School Professor Shubha Ghosh tited IP as CP: Competition Policy Norms in Intellectual Property Law. Click here for registration information.
The final edition of the 2008 Chicago IP Colloquium is this afternoon from 4:10 – 5:50 pm. The presentation will be by Professor Mark McKenna of the Saint Louis University School of Law about his paper Testing Modern Trademark Law’s Theory of Harm. It looks like it will be another excellent IP discussion.
The Lewis & Clark Law School has a new podcast up with Chicago-Kent College of Law’s Associate Dean and Director of the Program in Intellectual Property Law Graeme B. Dinwoodie. Professor Dinwoodie speaks about developing trademark defenses.

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I have missed the first few presenters in the Chicago-Kent & Loyola University Chicago IP Colloquium, but the next presentation is set for tomorrow, Tuesday, April 8, in Room 305 at Kent at 4:10 pm. Professor R. Polk Wagner of the University of Pennsylvania Law School will discuss his article Did Phillips Change Anything? The article poses a question that should interest all patent litigators and I am sure there will be a lively discussion.
The Chicago Tribune ran three law-related, non-IP stories that are worth a read over the weekend:
A profile of Jenner & Block’s new managing partner Susan Levy — click here for the story;
A long story on the disparity in starting legal salaries and the consistency in law school tuition rates — click here for the story; and
An excerpt by Chicago attorney R. Eugene Pincham, who died Thursday, from Your Witness: Lessons on Cross-Examination and Life from Great Chicago Trial Lawyers, which goes on sale Monday at — click here for the story. The essay details how Pincham prepared for trial and is a must read for all trial attorneys. Pincham’s excerpt got my attention. I will be getting a copy of the book and will post a review when I am done with it. Here is how the Tribune described Pincham:
a pioneering African-American lawyer and champion of unpopular causes. His colorful oratory, which drew on personal history, made him a legend in Chicago courthouses.

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