Crafting proposed jury instructions is one of the first steps when preparing for trial.  And one of the first steps in drafting those instructions is looking for pattern or sample instructions that the court has previously used or endorsed.  In order to help speed that process, I am adding a new Blog feature.  I have gathered the jury instructions that each of the Northern District judges identify on their respective  web pages as either form or model instructions.  Most have general civil instructions and a few have specific sample instructions for various types of IP suits.

This list should save you time when you are looking for model instructions, but I would like to make it even more useful. If you have a set of instructions used in a Northern District IP case send them to me and I will add those instructions to the list (either anonymously or with credit to the sender, at the sender’s discretion).

So, send me your jury instructions — — and the name of the judge that presided over the trial.  As I receive new instructions, I will add them to this post.  If I get a large response, I will do additional posts on the instructions or create a separate page where you can access the files.