As a member of the Intellectual Property Group at Holland & Knight, R. David Donoghue’s patent litigation and trial practice is diverse.  He partners with clients to resolve matters including both defensive patent litigation and pre-litigation demands or licensing efforts. In one recent retail patent litigation, Dave represented Boston Proper and, as part of a joint defense group, won summary judgment of noninfringement against patent troll Furnace Brook immediately after answering and without engaging in any discovery.  Dave then argued the Federal Circuit appeal on behalf of Boston Proper, and its co-defendants, including Nike, Aeropostle and Dick’s Sporting Goods.  After Dave’s oral argument, the Federal Circuit affirmed the trial court’s early summary judgment of noninfringement.Dave also asserts his client’s patents against their competitors. In his most recent plaintiff-side patent trial, Dave and his team won a full plaintiff’s verdict, including willfulness, in a trial between competing retail product manufacturers and distributors.  After trial, the Court trebled the damages and awarded plaintiff all of its attorney’s fees.Dave also has extensive experience defending against patent trolls.  And Dave’s litigation experience spans diverse technology areas, including internet technologies, software, computer hardware, athletic shoes, cellular telephony, automotive technologies, satellite radios, electrical and electronic products, television production equipment, nutritional supplements and numerous medical devices.Dave’s practice is characterized by crafting innovative strategies focused on his client’s goals and budgets, as well as an extreme devotion to client care.Chicago IP Litigation discusses emerging trends and issues in intellectual property litigation.  Dave’s blog provides in-depth information equipping companies with the tools necessary to understand the IP litigation landscape.