A recent post complimenting The Blog by Mike Atkins at the Seattle Trademark Lawyer Blog (thanks Mike) jump started a post I had been planning for a while.  There are a growing number of blogs following IP issues in different regions of the country (and world), what Mike refers to as our "cousin" blogs.  So, here a list of the regional IP blogs that I know about.  All of them offer interesting content, much of  which is useful beyond their home regions:

Illinois Trial Pratice Weblog (okay, it is not IP specific, but it is regional and provides excellent content)
IP Dragon (China)
Patent Trademark Blog (some Orange County focus)

If you know of other regional IP blogs, post a comment or send me an email (dave.donoghue@yahoo.com) and I will add them to the list.

*The Florida IP Blog is another blog developed and hosted by LexBlog just like this Blog and, as usual, it is a great looking site with easy navigation.