Patents for Business: The Manager’s Guide to Scope, Strategy, and Due Diligence, M. Henry Heines (Praeger Publishers, 2007) (195 pp.)

Heines has written a very useful book for introducing your client’s business people and engineers to the patent world.  The book is written for anyone who needs an introduction to patents and discusses all aspects of patenting from strategies for claiming through patent infringement.  It also explains bedrock concepts like invalidity, prior art and obviousness.  Additionally, there are sections on handling IP due diligence and theories for setting up a patenting operation within a company, which could be useful both for the new company patenting for the first time and established companies as a check on how their patenting operation is running.  Finally, there is a well thought out glossary of terms, which could be a useful glossary of terms for business people to refer to when they need an IP refresher.