Timebase Pty Ltd. v. Thomson Corp., No. 07 C 460, 2007 WL 772946 (N.D. Ill. Mar. 9, 2007) (Lindberg, Sen. J.).

Judge Lindberg transferred this patent case to the District of Minnesota because all of the relevant documents and witnesses reside within that district or its subpoena power, while the dispute has no apparent unique connection to Illinois.  The software at issue, Westlaw’s PastStat Locator, was researched, designed and developed in Minnesota and the related documents were still there.  Additionally, although the PastStat Locator can be accessed in any state, including Illinois, the hardware and software necessary to operate it are located in Minnesota.  Finally, 24 of the 25 witnesses identified as related to defendant are within the D. Minn. or its subpoena power.  And plaintiff’s witnesses are in Australia, so whether they flew to Illinois or Minnesota was a minor difference to them at most.