The Seventh Circuit has launched a wiki.  The Wiki is intended to focus on the most difficult portion of practice for those not regularly practicing in a particular jurisdiction — procedure.  The site is largely broken down by the Seventh Circuit’s Rules and allows for practitioners to create an account and add their insights into the implementation of each rule.  It is already an excellent resource.  Much of the early content focuses on briefing requirements.  For example, after the break is a portion of the wiki regarding the formatting of headings that gives insight into what the Seventh Circuit judges might prefer.

Perhaps the Northern District should consider a wiki.

One common use of all-caps text in briefs is argument headings. Please be judicious. Headings can span multiple lines, and when they are set in all-caps text are very hard to follow. It is possible to make heading attractive without using capitals. Try this form:


This form is harder to read:


If you believe that italics and underscores are important to getting your idea across, try something like this (replacing underlining with a rule line beneath the text):


Thanks to Carolyn Elefant at Legal Blog Watch for pointing out the Seventh Circuit’s wiki.