Statistics compiled by the Patent Troll Tracker* blog show that the Northern District continues to play a prominent role in deciding the nation’s patent disputes and, as a result, its IP disputes more generally.  Filings of patent cases for 2007 (through the end of July), show that the Northern District had the fourth most patent filings:

2007 Patent Filings (through July)
District Cases Defendants
E.D. Texas 202 705
C.D. Cal. 148 329
D.N.J. 98 169
N.D. Ill. 81 163
N.D. Cal. 78 156
D. Del. 75 199
S.D.N.Y. 67 167

Another interesting statistic from this data:  with the exception of the E.D. Texas, all of the districts have a rough average of two to three defendants per case.  E.D. Texas averages about three and a half defendants per case.  I would have expected that E.D. Texas would average closer to five to ten defendants per case.  Perhaps all of the large patent licensing company cases that garner so much attention in Marshall are balanced by disputes between individual parties.

If readers are interested in these statistics, let me know and I will compile my own data and make it a regular (maybe quarterly) feature.

*  I appreciate the Patent Troll Tracker’s statistics and even the effort he performs keeping track of cases filed by patent licensing companies, but as I have explained before I am no fan of name calling (by either plaintiffs’ or defendants’ counsel).  As such, I prefer the neutral term "patent licensing company."