According to Interbrand Ronald is worth more than Mickey.  Interbrand has just published its 2007 Best Global Brands, ranking the top 100 brands that:  1) derive at least a third of earnings outside of the brand’s home country; 2) are recognized beyond the brand’s customer base; and 3) have public marketing and financial data.  Interbrand also excludes brands that are hard to identify as having brand value separate from their products or services. For example, pharma brands are excluded because Interbrand has determined that consumers focus on products rather than the overarching company branding. That leaves Northern District companies like Abbott Labs out of the running.  But the Northern District is still very well represented.  For example, McDonald’s jumped one spot this year, surpassing Disney in brand value.  Here are the Northern District companies (or at least those very near the Northern District) on the list:

Northern District Top Global Brands
07 Rank 06 Rank Company 07 Brand Value (in USD Millions)
8 9 McDonald’s 29.398
59 59 Wrigley’s 5.777
77 69 Motorola 4.149
86 79 Kraft 3.732

Thanks to the Seattle Trademark Lawyer for identifying the ranking.