I, along with many others, blogged last week that the Patent Reform Act had stalled in Congress.  But Congress has changed its mind and today the House is debating its version of the bill (available here).  And experts expect some version of the bill to be passed by the House at the end of today’s debate.  You can find an excellent summary of key amendments to the House bill at Tech Daily Dose.  If you want a list of each amendment to the bill, by Congressperson, go to the House website.  And it should come as no surprise that with the Patent Reform Act moving forward again both the MSM and blogs are full of commentary.  Here is some of the best:

  • Chicago Tribune surveys the opinions of some Chicago-area companies.
  • 271 Patent Blog weighs in with the President’s view and a survey of news stories on the Act.
  • FileWrapper says that the House will likely pass some form of the Patent Reform Act today, but that the Senate is not expected to consider it until October.
  • IP Central is watching the House debate on CSPAN and says that most of it centers on procedural issues, not substance.