Trading Technologies Int’l, Inc. v. eSpeed, Inc., No. 04 C 5312, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Aug. 21, 2007) (Moran, Sen. J.).

Judge Moran denied the parties’ cross motions for summary judgment regarding whether GL Win with Trade Pad (“GL Trade Pad”) was invalidating prior art to plaintiff Trading Technologies’ (“TT”) patents. Defendant argued that the GL Trade Pad product was on sale prior to the critical date (the critical date was either March 2, 1999 or June 9, 1999, the Court previously held that it was a question of fact for the jury) based upon a February 19, 1999 software license (“February License”). But because the February License did not specifically name the GL Trade Pad software as part of the licensed software, both parties relied upon extrinsic evidence to prove whether GL Trade Pad was part of the February. The Court held that oral invalidity testimony must be corroborated by evidence other than additional interested oral testimony. eSpeed, therefore, corroborated its main witness’s testimony with Trade Pad software code and catalogs. eSpeed argued that this evidence showed that the Trade Pad software was made and sold on or before the February License and would have been included in the February License. But the Court held that eSpeed’s evidence did not meet its evidence of proving the sale by clear and convincing evidence. TT challenged each piece of eSpeed’s evidence and the Court could not decide summary judgment of invalidity based upon eSpeed’s remaining evidence – oral testimony of an interested party (GL is a defendant in a related case). The jury must weigh competing testimony and judge the witnesses’ credibility. 

Trial started in this case the week of September 10. Expect to see several more opinions in this case and its related cases (there are two weighty summary judgment opinions still in my queue, as well as several other smaller opinions and orders). Additionally, I have some other obligations, but am planning to blog some of the trial. Stay tuned.

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