Aharonian v. Gutierrez, No. 07-1224, 2007 WL 9282064 (D.D.C.) (Robertson, J.).

The District Court for the District of Columbia (“D.D.C.”) recently dismissed a suit seeking the dismissal of the PTO’s Deputy Director Margaret Peterlin for lack of sufficient experience. The D.D.C. held that the Act establishing Ms. Peterlin’s position did not create a private cause of action for removal and the Administrative Procedure Act did not allow for review of the appointment. 

There is little I can say about the decision that has not already been said. For more check out:

But I can add a human element to the issue. I know Ms. Peterlin.  I have met her in social settings (she and my wife were law school classmates). My limited interactions with her made clear to me that while she may not have the IP-specific experience that might be ideal, Ms. Peterlin is as capable as anyone without that background to learn the law and do an excellent job.