I enjoyed my first opportunity to host Blawg Review (a weekly review of the best of the legal blog world hosted by a different blog each week) — click here for my injunction-themed review.  Having hosted a 2007 review gives me the opportunity to nominate my favorite reviews for the Blawg Review of the year award.  Here they are, in chronological order:

  • #134 NY Personal Injury Law — I am a sucker for running and this was an excellent post on top of that.
  • #127 Deliberations — One of my favorite blogs.  A must read for anyone that deals with juries, or wants to.
  • #126 Small Business Trends — One of the few reviews not hosted by a law blog, which is a nice change of pace.
  • #106 Blawg IT — I love running, but motorcycles are too fast for me.  That said, this was an excellent review.
  • #95 AutoMuse — Perhaps it was the years I spent in-house with the auto industry, but I enjoyed the automotive theme.

Finally, this week’s Blawg Review #141 is available across the pond at Charon QC.