The blogs are full of commentary about yesterday’s Supreme Court patent exhaustion argument.  But no one is declaring a winner.  Instead, like my earlier post, people are focusing on trends in the Justices questions.  Here are some of the best commentaries:

  • Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein has a guest post all over the blogs — read it at Patently-O271 Patent Blog, and Philip Brooks’ Patent Infringement Updates.
  • Anticipate This!
  • I/P Updates — quoting Chief Judge Roberts:  "We’ve had experience with the Patent Office where it tends to grant patents a lot more liberally than we would enforce under the patent law."  Ouch.
  • ScotusWiki — This is a companion to the well-known SCOTUSblog (which does not have any commentary about the argument posted yet).  ScotusWiki does not provide any commentary, but it is a great resource for information about this case, and any other Supreme Court case.
  • Troll Tracker — predicting a 5-4 or 6-3 reversal of the Federal Circuit (although only "leaning" that way and only predicting a "slight" reversal) and, similar to my post, picking up on Justice Breyer’s cycling theme, but without professing a love for the sport.