Several unrelated legal stories that are worth a read:

  • An excellent Illinois Business Law Journal article regarding whether Google is losing its trademark to genericide.  It concludes that Google’s mark is relatively safe, partly because Google’s trademark is identical to its domain name.*
  • Patent Troll Tracker has been unmasked.  The unmasking was based, at least in part, on Ray Niro’s bounty for Troll Tracker’s name.  As would be expected, Troll Tracker unmasked himself with class and a sense of humor.  He is taking a few weeks off from blogging to decide whether to continue.  I hope he decides to continue.  Troll Tracker is a powerful voice on some complex issues, and he is right that it is great to see another inhouse legal blogger.  Plus, it would be a shame for Troll Tracker to disappear just after Ron Coleman finally discovered him. 
  • Blawg Review #148 is up at Blawg IT.  In addition to the usual links to law blog posts, Brett helps us smell the electronic roses with numerous non-legal video clips.

*  Hat tip to Michael Atkins at the Seattle Trademark Blog for pointing out the article during his Trademark Dilution Weekend.