I have run across a couple of items that fall outside of the Blog’s Northern District IP focus, but that are useful for all of us focused on resolving IP disputes in the courts:

  • An Idaho Business Review* article about a patent trial between Rambus and Micron reminded me of the importance of viewing trial proceedings through the eyes of the jury.   The reporter explained that after a week and a half of proceedings, much of them under seal, the Court has issued an order requiring that the jury be provided daily refreshments paid for by the United States.  That was the extent of what the reporter knew about the proceedings.  Of course, the Court likely decided numerous complex issues during the week and a half, but all the reporter, and likely the jury, saw was mysterious and sometimes frustrating delay.  Lawyers often forget how juries see repeated sidebars and morning or mid-day motion hearings.  Do your best to fill in or at least explain the gaps and delays for your jury, otherwise they will do it themselves. 
  • Patent Troll Tracker identified this blog by E.D. Texas patent defendant Desire2Learn chronicling its ongoing patent infringement trial.  This is dangerous territory for a litigant, but it could be a fascinating look at the trial process from the corporate litigant’s vantage point.

*  Why do I read the Idaho Business Review?  I don’t.  I found the article through the wonders of RSS feeds and content searches.  Thank you Kevin O’Keefe and LexBlog for teaching me the power of RSS.