LimitNone v. Google, Inc., (Cook County Ct. Jun. 24, 2008).

Last week, LimitNone, a Chicago company, sued Google for trade secret misappropriation seek $1B.  LimitNone alleged that Google entered a nondisclosure agreement with LimitNone to review LimitNone’s gMove software — software that helps Microsoft Outlook users migrate data to the Google platform.  Google allegedly assured LimitNone that it would not offer a competing product, but after receiving LimitNone’s trade secrets and promoting the $19 gMove software, Google began offering a free, competing software package which allegedly used LimitNone’s trade secrets.  LimitNone filed a speaking complaint, for example:

With gMove priced at $19 per copy and Google’s prediction that there were potentially 50 million users, Google deprived LimitNone of a $950m opportunity by offering Google’s competitive product for free as a part of its ‘premier’ Google Apps package

This appears to be an interesting and potentially significant case.  I will keep my eye on it and update you as opinions and events occur.  For more on the filing, check out: