Patent Appeal Tracer has a great post listing the patent filings for June 2008 by district.  Tracer used Pacer and "math" to come up with its list, which shows that the Northern District is fourth in patent filings for the month with 19 of 255 filings (about 85 of the total).  Those 19 filings give the Northern District 87 patent cases in the first half of 2008, well on the way to another busy year.  The top three were not surprising:

  1. Eastern District of Texas — 32 filings
  2. District of Delaware — 24 filings
  3. Central District of California — 20 filings

Patent Appeal Tracer also mentions EZ4Media’s two Northern District cases against thirteen defendants as cases to watch.  The defendants in those cases are alleged to infringe patents to wireless streaming of digital media.

[UPDATE:] More on the year’s trademark and copyright filings is coming next week, prompted by Mike Graham’s Seattle Trademark Lawyer post about this year’s Western District of Washington trademark litigation statistics — click here to read it.  Thanks for the mention Mike.