The Seventh Circuit’s Judge Posner is scheduled to begin a bench trial this morning on the issue of inequitable conduct in New Medium Technologies LLC v. Barco NV, No. 05 C 5620.  The trial is scheduled to last today and tomorrow, but could go as long as Wednesday.  I represented a party that was in the case, but settled and was dismissed from the case last year.  As a result, I have not covered any opinions from the case, previously before Judge St. Eve.  But I am going to observe some of the trial, and I may blog about the trial if I find some interesting things to say that relate more to the trial techniques of counsel or Judge Posner’s courtroom than the facts of the case.

But if you are interested in watching Judge Posner hear a patent case or what I expect to be some excellent advocacy from the Niro firm, for plaintiffs, and Baker & McKenzie, for defendants, the bench trial is being heard in Judge St. Eve’s courtroom.