Earlier this week I had the opportunity to speak with the folks at Docket Navigator about their powerful new patent docket database and search tool.  I do not do many product reviews, but Docket Navigator’s patent docket database really struck me.  You may already know them from their free, daily email that aggregates new patent filings nationwide, as well as patent judgments, injunctions and selected patent decisions from courts across the country.  If you do not get the newsletter, you should check it out.

I love the newsletter, but was surprised to learn that the newsletter is eclipsed by Docket Navigator’s patent docket database and search tool.  The search tool is currently in beta testing — click here for a tour.  But even while they are working the kinks out and adding functionality, it is impressive.  The database includes dockets for every case going back to those that were active in mid-2007.  From the database you can look at the docket and click on links to pdfs of significant decisions or papers.  You can also search the database to find every case involving a selected patent or for statistics about the patent cases a particular judge has had.  The judge pages include very specific information and statistics about how many and how that judge has decided numerous issues.  For example, you can see how many patent case motions to transfer a judge has ruled on and how many were granted versus denied.

Docket Navigator has taken the information available to every lawyer and litigant on Pacer and turned it into a much more powerful tool.  But there is one more feature that warrants special attention.  Docket Navigator has searched all of the claim construction opinions in its database and come up with a database of 15,000 (and growing) construed claim terms.  You can search the database for your terms and find decisions nationwide about them.  It is an incredible resource for locating persuasive decisions and potential, new claim construction arguments.