Blawg Review #189 is up at Colin Samuels’ Infamy or Praise Blogclick here to read it.  As would be expected of a Blawg Review Sherpa, Samuels’ provided an epic Review, centered around The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.  In addition to excellent writing focused around a strong theme, Samuels features some excellent IP content, including my post about the unequal application of Twombly pleading standards in patent cases:

Maya Richard suggested four tactics to preemptively protect patent assets from patent trolls: monitoring patent filings for applications related to your portfolio; hedging risk with patent infringement insurance; retaining skilled IP counsel to build a case for major patent assets; and joining an industry protection group. Also writing on a patent-related topic was R. David Donoghue, who noted that despite the Twombly decision, "many district courts are requiring that patent defendants plead affirmative defenses and, in some cases, counterclaims to the higher plausibility standard." He suggests remedies for this uneven application of the Twombly standards.

And as an encore, after seeing Twitter driving traffic to his Review, Samuels posted a list of the Twitter accounts of the bloggers featured in Blawg Review #189 — click here to read it.