Here are several blog posts that are worth your time on this Monday morning:

  • At Deliberations, Anne Reed warns of six mistakes that can derail voir direclick here to read the post.  Anyone who follows Deliberations knows that when Reed discusses voir dire, everyone should listen.
  • The Federal Circuit heard oral argument in Tafas v. Dudas last week.  Here is some of the commentary:  Patent Baristas; Patently-O; & PLI Blog.
  • At IP ADR Blog, Victoria Pynchon offers to arbitrate your patent case and says under expedited AAA commercial rules you can get a decision within 45 days of selecting the arbitrator — click here to read the post.  Amazing, I may try that in the dispute resolution clause of my next license agreement.
  • Anyone who read his 2007 NYC Marathon Blawg Review will not be surprised that Eric Turkewitz’s post-Thanksgiving Blawg Review last week at his New York Personal Injury Law Blog was one of the best of the year — click here to read it.