I am proud to announce that I am joining the exceptional faculty of the newly formed Solo Practice University, teaching a course focused on learing how to successfully litigate in federal district courts.  I am honored to be a part of SPU’s impressive faculty.  And I look forward to working with the SPU student body to improve the practice of law in the federal district courts. 

I joined SPU and agreed to fit one more thing into an already busy schedule for two reasons.  First, I enjoy teaching and I believe that SPU’s vision of a collaborative environment where students can learn and interact in the digital world and at their own pace is an excellent model.  Second, I have been interested in creating a district court practice course for several years and SPU became a catalyst for the idea.  Eventually, I expect I will use the bones of the course created for SPU either to a law school, perhaps Loyola where I have enjoyed teaching several courses, or to write a text on district court practice.  The course will teach the fundamentals of district court litigation, and I will weave in lessons I have learned over the course of a career both as a district court law clerk and as a practicing lawyer.  I hope that it will both help students avoid the learning curve most of us face as we start litigating and help to increase the quality and skill of district court advocacy.