Here are several items that I have been holding to fit into posts, but that do not warrant a separate post:

  • The list of regional IP blogs keeps growing.  Here are a few recent additions, as well as some general IP blogs.  I will do an update of my regional blog list soon:
    • Delaware Patent Litigation Report* by lawyers at Morris James.  This is not technically a new blog, but it is a significant redesign and a blog you should be reading if you practice patent law in the District of Delaware.
    • ITC 337 Law Blog by lawyers at Oblon Spivak.  This is not a regional blog, but it is at least a niche IP blog and it covers a venue that has been a glaring omission in the legal blog world;
    • Patent Law Insights* by Rajiv Sarathy of Perkins Coie.  Again not a regional blog, but Sarathy is putting up good content and his posting appears to be getting more frequent.
    • Virginia IP Law* by lawyers at Troutman Sanders.  This is a true regional IP blog, and it looks like a great addition to the club.
  • At his IP Think Tank blog, Duncan Bucknell explains when you would not want to register your trademarks — click here to read the post.  Bucknell makes good points, but it is also worth the read just to see a lawyer advocate against legal protection in a written document, that is not something you will see often.
  • Blawg Review #212 (click here to read it) is up at Current Trends in Copyright, Trademark & Entertainment Law.  It is written around the country song “You Never Even Call Me By My Name” a/k/a “You Don’t Have To Call Me Darlin,’ Darlin’” (click to watch the video).  In honor of INTA being held this week in Seattle, there is a lot of IP-related content.