A new blog and several stories I have been meaning to get to, but have not had enough time:

  • Tom Patterson, from Chicago, has joined the blogosphere with the Emergency Business Litigation blog, another blog by Lexblog.  It does not have an IP focus, but some of Patterson’s first post deal with Federal Circuit decisions regarding injunctions in patent cases — click here and here to read them.  Welcome to the blogging conversation Tom.
  • The IP ADR Blog has an interesting guest post from Robert Rose discussing patent arbitration rules — click here to read the post.  Of particular interest, Rose points out the oft forgotten statutory obligation to notify the PTO of any arbitration award, which is made part of the file history.
  • Also from the IP ADR Blog, Victoria Pynchon has posted the slides that were the basis of a February 2009 CLE presentation we did about alternative dispute resolution in patent disputes, a valuable tool particularly in difficult economic times.  Click here for Pynchon’s post with the slides.