Here are a few stories from the blogosphere that I did not have time to fully cover this week because of pressing client matters and some new opportunities:

  • The Federalist Society is offering an excellent podcast discussing Bilski from almost every possible angle.  The podcast features West Virginia University Law Professor Michael Risch and American University Law Professor Joshua Sarnoff, who filed competing amicus briefs.  The podcast is a half-hour well spent for  anyone involved in patent law.  Click here to listen to the podcast.  Hat tip to Duncan Bucknell at the IP Think Tank Blog for pointing out the podcast.
  • Doug Lichtman’s IP Colloquium takes a thorough look at the copyright issue of the year thus far, Shepard Fairey’s iconic Obama image, and Lichtman offers free CLE credit for listening.  Click here for that edition and here for the IP Colloquium’s archives.
  • Michael Atkins has identified the top five trademark cases of the last year at the Seattle Trademark Lawyer.  Number 4 is the Seventh Circuit’s decision in AutoZone v. StrickClick here for more on the district court decisions in the case from the Blog’s archives.  This is what Atkins had to say about the Seventh Circuit’s decision:

[G]ood likelihood of confusion analysis in reversal of hard-fought trademark infringement case, which also was one of the first dilution cases under the [Trademark Dilution Revision Act].