Here are several stories that I have been wanting to blog about, but have not been able to get to because of the new Local Patent Rules, my webinar on reducing IP litigation costs (I was glad to see that so many of you attended and found the presentation valuable) and pressing client matters:

  • Judge Zagel was interviewed by Metropolitan Corporate Counsel.  He discussed how his docket has been impacted by the recession and  noted, among other things, that parties have been much more interested in and willing to agree to staying cases or slow discovery — click here to read the story.  He also briefly discusses discovery of electronically stored information.
  • Seattle Trademark Lawyer Michael Atkins has an excellent series of posts on the US Olympic Committee’s enforcement of the Olympic marks, to which it has almost absolute rights based upon federal law — click here, here, here, here and here.  I had planned to write about these issues myself early this week while Chicago enjoyed winning the 2016 Summer Olympics, but as you all likely know by now that is not quite how the vote went.