The Northern District of Illinois is revising its Local Rules effective December 1, 2009, to comport with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (as well as the criminal, appellate and bankruptcy rules) changes effective on the same date.   The FRCP are being revised to change all time periods to seven day multiples to make calculating deadlines simpler.  In accordance with those revisions, the Local Rules have been revised so that all time periods less than thirty days are changed to multiples of seven, according to the following schedule:

Original Deadline New Deadline
6 days or less 7 days
8-15 days 14 days
16-20 days 21 days
21-29 days 28 days

The Local Rule 5.3(a) two-day notice period remains two days.  And the notice periods set by individual judges remain unchanged.  Weekends and holidays are not counted in calculating either of these deadlines.