Kolcraft Enter., Inc. v. Chicco USA, Inc., No. 09 C 339, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Oct. 23, 2009) (Norgle, J.)

Judge Norgle denied defendant Chicco’s § 1404(a) motion to transfer this patent case to the Eastern District of Pennsylvania, where Chicco’s principle place of business is located. Neither court was more suited for the case in terms of speed or familiarity with the law. The Court also noted that the location of documents was neutral based upon electronic document exchange. The convenience of the parties was also neutral because one party would be inconvenienced by the decision either way. Additionally, the situs of material events was irrelevant as in most patent cases because the comparison of an accused product to a claim does not revolve around any location. 


As to non-party witnesses, one inventor was within the Northern District and the other was outside the subpoena power of both districts. And patent prosecution counsel also resided within the Northern District. Additionally, plaintiff agreed to depose all U.S. parties in their home districts, further diminishing that factor. Finally, the Court held that plaintiff’s choice of forum deserved significant weight. The Court, therefore, denied Chicco’s motion to transfer.