Card Activation Techs. V. Bebe Stores, Inc., No. 09 C 406, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Nov. 20, 2009) (Gottschall, J.).

Judge Gottschall stayed the case pending reexamination of plaintiff’s patent. The fact that the asserted claims were not being reexamined did not weigh against a stay. The reexamined claims were narrower than the asserted claims. So, if the narrower claims were rejected the broader claims could be found invalid as well. And all of the claims used similar language. As a result, the reexam’s prosecution history would, at a minimum, be pertinent to the case. And delay caused by a stay would not prejudice plaintiff because it could be compensated with money damages. Additionally, the Court allowed either party to move to begin full or limited discovery at a status conference eight months after the opinion issued, if the reexam was still pending at that time.