Albecker v. Contour Prods., Inc., No. 09 C 6312, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. May 3, 2010) (Castillo, J.).

Judge Castillo construed the claims in this patent case involving a wedge-shaped backrest and legless leisure chair. Of particular interest, the Court construed the following terms:

  • "Secured to" was defined as "attached using attachment means" that connect a type cushion to a foundation. The "secured to" definition excluded unitary top cushion foundations. The fact that the Court’s definition excluded one embodiment because that embodiment was part of a restriction requirement; and
  • "face of the generally wedge shaped foundation" was not properly briefed, but the Court held that the face was top surface.

The Court declined to construe other claim terms because the parties told the Court that the construed terms were the key terms.

The Court also noted that the parties’ Local Patent Rule 4.2(b) joint appendix failed to provide a complete prosecution history – a violation of the LPR 4.2(b).