Estwing Manufacturing Co. v. CTT Tools, Inc., No. 11 C 2139, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. May 18, 2011) (Shadur, Sen. J.).

Judge Shadur entered this order sua sponte to address deficiencies in defendant CTT’s answer, affirmative defenses and counterclaims in this Lanham Act case, as he often does. First, CTT denied plaintiff Estwing’s claims for which CTT lacked information or belief. But the Court noted that denying a statement for which one lacks information or belief was "oxymoronic." The Court, therefore, struck the denials.

The Court also struck, with leave to replead, each of CTT’s affirmative defenses that were mere recitations of a legal principle and did not put Estwing or the Court on notice of the defense, as well as those defenses which did not accept the truth of Estwing’s allegations.

Finally, the Court also struck CTT’s counterclaims with leave to replead those that were not simply the "flip side" of Estwing’s complaint, which "add nothing to the mix." For example, the Court suggested that CTT’s counterclaim for cancellation of Estwing’s mark might be replead, while declaratory judgment claims for noninfringement and invalidity should not be. Finally, the Court ordered that CTT should not be charged for its counsel’s efforts in revising the papers, and counsel should send a letter to that effect to CTT, copying the Court.