Caldera Pharms., Inc. v. Los Alamos Nat’l. Sec., L.L.C., No. 10 C 6347, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Mar. 11, 2011) (Bucklo, J.).

Judge Bucklo granted defendant UChicago Argonne’s ("Argonne") Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(1) & (b) motion to dismiss plaintiff Caldera’s claims against Argonne in this patent dispute. Caldera was allegedly the exclusive licensee of the patents-in-suit and Argonne was allegedly using the patented technology in a partnership with the licensor. Argonne argued that there was no case or controversy for Caldera’s declaratory judgment complaint because: 1) Argonne had no contract with Caldera; and 2) Caldera lacked the right to bring suit using the patents-in-suit. Caldera said its claims did not sound in breach of contract or patent infringement, but Caldera never explained what its claim was. And because Caldera had the burden of proof, the motion was granted.

Argonne also argued that Caldera’s claims were not sufficiently plead. In response, Caldera simply restated its claim with the relevant portion bolded. But merely restating claims in bold does not support plaintiff’s claims or overcome a motion to dismiss. The Court, therefore, dismissed the claims.