Triteq v. HMC Holdings LLC, No 11 C 843, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Jul. 5, 2011) (Leinenweber, J.).

Judge Leinenweber granted in part and denied in part defendant HMC Holdings’ ("HMC") motion to dismiss this patent and false marking complaint involving pistol boxes. Plaintiff Triteq had standing to bring its declaratory judgment claim based upon HMC’s letter to Triteq alleging Triteq’s products were direct copies of HMC’s patented product and seeking the names of Triteq’s customers. The Court dismissed Triteq’s false marking claim – alleging that the marked pistol boxes were not covered by the marked design patent – with leave to replead. Triteq’s claim lacked specific facts showing intent as required by BP Lubricants.