Bergstrom, Inc. v. Glacier Bay, Inc., No. 08 C 50078, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Mar. 9, 2012) (Kapala, J.).

Judge Kapala accepted a Special Master’s claim constructions with some modifications in this case involving heating and cooling systems for over-the-road trucks.  The Court made the following holdings of particular note:

  • “Minimum speed” meant “a minimum non-zero operating speed.”  The intrinsic and extrinsic evidence did not allow for zero to be included as a minimum speed.
  • “Life of the Battery” meant “remaining life of the battery until it needs to be recharged in order to serve its intended purpose.”
  • “Air Conditioning System” meant “a system for controlling, especially lowering, the temperature of an enclosed space.”
  • “A Vehicle Air Conditioning System” meant “a vehicle air conditioning system capable of providing air conditioning when the vehicle engine is on and off.”
  • “Air Conditioning System Temperature” meant “a temperature of the refrigerant system used in the air conditioning system.”
  • “First Speed” meant “a non-zero speed.”
  • “Second Speed” meant “second non-zero speed different than the first speed.”

Finally, the Court denied defendant Glacier Bay’s motion to extend the order of reference to the special master.  Because plaintiff Bergstrom did not consent to extend the order allowing the special master, Glacier Bay had to show exceptional conditions warranting the extension.  Bergstrom’s arguments that complex and voluminous summary motions were not exceptional.