CBOE v. ISE, No. 07 C 623, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Mar. 6, 2013) (Lefkow, J.).

Judge Lefkow granted in part plaintiff CBOE’s motion in limine to exclude defendant ISE from introducing evidence of secondary consideration of nonobviousness in this patent case.

Commercial Success:

Whether ISE had shown a nexus between its products and the claim elements was not proper for a motion in limine.


ISE introduced evidence of copying beyond its infringement contentions.  Weighing the evidence was a matter for the jury.

Failure of Others:

ISE identified 73 failed exchanges.  Whether the failures had a sufficient nexus to the claims is an issue for the jury.

Long Felt Need:

Again, whether ISE’s evidence of long felt need has a sufficient nexus with the claims is a jury question.

Teaching Away:

ISE’s expert sufficiently cited to evidence of teaching away to allow his testimony to go to the jury.