The Seventh Circuit Pilot Program on Electronic Discovery is hosting a complimentary webcast CLE discussing practical applications of data analytics in discovery on April 11, 2018 from 12 pm – 1:30 pm CT.

This program tackles one of the most complex, expensive and vilified parts of litigation – discovery – looking at ways to improve, simplify and streamline the process. The program will discuss:

  • The various types of data analytics available to lawyers and legal teams;
  • How attorneys can leverage early case assessment (ECA) and early data assessment (EDA) to control costs and better define case strategy;
  • Courts’ acceptance of the use of analytics by parties in litigation; and
  • Other legal data analytics use cases, including data culling, custodial validation, sentiment analysis, contract management, data remediation, sensitive data governance, and more.

The panel includes:

  • Sean Byrne, Calibrate Advisors
  • Doug Kaminski, Relativity
  • Debbie Reynolds, Eimer Stahl Discovery Solutions, LLC
  • Tom Thompson, Thompson Legal
  • Martin Tully, Actuate Law

Register HERE.