The Northern District of Illinois has begun to allow electronic filing of non-sealed digital audio/video exhibits (MP4, MP3, MOV, etc.). The exhibits will be available for purchase and download via the Certified Copy Desk.

If you want to file a document:

  1. Go to the Northern District’s digital submission page and fill out the form;
  2. Upload the digital audio/video file(s) (note that it will not accept PDFs, presumably because they are neither audio nor video); and
  3. Click “submit.” when you are done.

Within 24 business hours, an entry will appear on the docket confirming the exhibit was received.

To purchase electronically-filed audio/visual exhibits:

  1. Contact the Certified Copy Desk (CCD) inbox at;
  2. Pay the CCD invoice you receive according to the Fee Schedule; and
  3. Download the file via the link received after your payment is processed.