Southall v. Force Partners, LLC, No. 20 C 3223, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Aug. 31, 2021) (Chang, J.).

Judge Chang granted in part defendant Force Partners’ Fed. R. Civ. P. 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss in this copyright infringement and Digital Millenium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) claims involving a picture of the inside of a restaurant

Monster Energy Co. v. Peng, et al., No. 17 C 414, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Oct. 23, 2017) (Dow, J.).

Judge Dow granted plaintiff Monster Energy’s motion for summary judgment, granting final judgment, a permanent injunction and attorney’s fees in this Lanham Act dispute involving defendants’ use of Monster Energy’s Claw Icon Mark and

Marshall Feature Recognition, LLC v. Wendy’s Int’l., Inc., No. 14 C 865, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Oct. 24, 2016 (Coleman, J.).

Judge Coleman denied plaintiff Marshall Feature Recognition’s (“MFR”) counsel’s motion to withdraw and awarded defendant Wendy’s attorneys fees in the amount of $148,201 in this patent dispute involving QR codes.

The Court held

Taurus Flavors, Inc. v. More Flavors, Inc., No. 15 C 265, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Apr. 20, 2016) (Alonso, J.).

Judge Alonso denied plaintiff Taurus Flavors’ motion for default judgment against More Flavors and the individual defendant More Flavors’ principal in this Lanham Act case.

The Court had previously defaulted both defendants for failure

Bulgari, S.P.A. V. Zou Xiaohong, No. 15 C 5148, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Oct. 15, 2015) (Coleman, J.).

Judge Coleman granted in part plaintiff Bulgari’s motion for summary judgment of trademark infringement, a permanent injunction and its attorney’s fees and costs regarding Bulgari’s BVLGARI marks used in relation to counterfeit rings.

It was undisputed

Great Eastern Entertainment Co. v. Naeemi, No. 14 C 4731, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Nov. 5, 2015) (Leinenweber, Sen. J.).

Judge Leinenweber denied defendant’s Rule 11 motion in this trademark and copyright dispute regarding alleged sale of unauthorized plush toys and backpacks at anime conventions.

As an initial matter, the Court held that Rule

Luxottica USA LLC v. The Partnerships & Unincorporated Assocs., No. 14 C 9061, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Jun. 18, 2015) (Leinenweber, J.).

Judge Leinenweber granted plaintiff Luxottica’s motion for summary judgment, statutory damages, permanent injunction and attorney’s fees in this Lanham Act false designation of origin dispute regarding online sales of counterfeit Ray-Ban eyewear.

Assoc. Bus. Process Mngmt. Profs. Int’l. v. Brainstorm Group, Inc., No. 13 C 6213, Slip Op. (N.D. Ill. Aug. 24, 2015) (Gilbert, Mag. J.).

Judge Gilbert granted in part plaintiff ABPM’s motion to enforce the parties’ settlement agreement in this trademark dispute. Defendant Brainstorm Group agreed not to use the term “CBPMP” subject to