IP Watchdog’s Gene Quinn is continuing his quest to identify the top patent blogs.  As a starting point he used traffic-based ratings from Technorati and Alexa to identify 50 of the most read patent blogs.  But Quinn did not stop there.  In order to add a subjective evaluation of the blogs, he is asking you to vote for your favorite and identify those that you follow here — if you chose to vote for this blog, thank you.

I am generally not a fan of best blog competitions because blogging is so personal to both bloggers and blog readers.  But as the wise folks at Securing Innovation* pointed out, surveys like Quinn’s benefit the entire intellectual property community by highlighting and promoting the best of the blogosphere.

Here is Quinn’s list of top patent blogs in alphabetical order:

*  Thank you to Securing Innovation for putting together the hyperlinked list of blogs and giving me permission to copy them into this post.