Next Monday, I have the honor of hosting my third Blawg Review. For those that do not following Blawg Review, it is a weekly round up of the prior week’s legal blog posts. I follow an excellent review yesterday at’s Securing Innovation. It was a textbook Blawg Review incorporating legal blogs from all different specialties surrounding a them (International Indigenous People’s Day).
If you want me to specifically consider your blog post for next week’s Review, send it to me or click here for the submission page.

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IP Watchdog’s Gene Quinn is continuing his quest to identify the top patent blogs. As a starting point he used traffic-based ratings from Technorati and Alexa to identify 50 of the most read patent blogs. But Quinn did not stop there. In order to add a subjective evaluation of the blogs, he is asking you to vote for your favorite and identify those that you follow here — if you chose to vote for this blog, thank you.
I am generally not a fan of best blog competitions because blogging is so personal to both bloggers and blog readers. But as the wise folks at Securing Innovation* pointed out, surveys like Quinn’s benefit the entire intellectual property community by highlighting and promoting the best of the blogosphere.
Here is Quinn’s list of top patent blogs in alphabetical order:
* 271 Patent Blog
* Against Monopoly
* Anticipate This!
* BlawgIT
* California Biotech Law
* Chicago IP Litigation
* European Patent Caselaw
* File Wrapper
* Georgia Patent Law
* Holman’s Biotech IP
* Honoring the Inventor
* I/P Updates
* India Patent
* Intellectual Asset Management
* Intellectual Property Watch
* Inventive Step
* IP Estonia
* IP Kat
* IP NewsFlash
* IP Spotlight
* IP Think Tank
* Just An Examiner
* Nanomedicine & IP
* OC Patent Lawyer
* Orange Book Blog
* Patent Arcade
* Patent Assassins
* Patent Baristas
* Patent Circle
* Patent Docs
* Patent Infringement Updates
* Patent Prospector
* Patentability
* Patentably Defined
* Patently-O
* Patentnapsis
* Patents 101
* PatLit
* Promote the Progress
* Russian Patents
* Securing Innovation
* Spicy IP
* The Business of Patents
* The Invent Blog
* The IP Factor
* The Prior Art
* Washington State Patent Law
* Thank you to Securing Innovation for putting together the hyperlinked list of blogs and giving me permission to copy them into this post.

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IPWatchdog Gene Quinn recently published his list of the top 26 patent blogs, based upon Technorati rankings (Quinn only considered blogs in the top 1M of the Technorati rankings) — click here to read Quinn’s post. Quinn manually determined which blogs counted as patent blogs, and did nice work. Although I would add the IP ADR Blog to the list. While I do not place much weight in blog rangings, the list identified a few new blogs that I plan to follow, and it is gratifying to see that the Chicago IP Litigation Blog has a strong reader base in the patent world.
Here are Quinn’s rankings:
Patently-O – Technorati Rank 21,202
Patent Baristas – Technorati Rank 61,134
IPWatchdog – Technorati Rank 80,245
Against Monopoly – Technorati Rank 80,245
Patently Silly – Technorati Rank 90,082
Chicago IP Litigation Blog – Technorati Rank 117,073
PHOSITA – Technorati Rank 101,726
Spicy IP – Technorati Rank 129,347
PLI Patent Practice Center – Technorati Rank 132,753
Duncan Bucknell Company’s IP Think Tank – Technorati Rank 136,348
Patent Prospector – Technorati Rank 152,448
Securing Innovation – Technorati Rank 162,007
Peter Zura’s 271 Patent Blog – Technorati Rank 163,794
The Invent Blog- Technorati Rank 167,214
Promote the Progress – Technorati Rank 198,166
I/P Updates- Technorati Rank 213,371
IP NewsFlash- Technorati Rank 221,777
Orange Book Blog – Technorati Rank 221,777
The IP Factor – Technorati Rank 250,588
Philip Brook’s Patent Infringement Updates- Technorati Rank 273,434
Patent Docs – Technorati Rank 300,413
Antiticpate This! – Technorati Rank 351,677
Patent Fools (now operated by – Technorati Rank 351,092
Patentably Defined – Technorati Rank 614,978
Steve van Dulke’s Patent Blog – Technorati Rank 676,101
IP Spotlight – Technorati Rank 752,199

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Here are several IP-related stories and news items that I found valuable or interesting:
* The Maryland IP Law Blog reports that Patent Secrecy Act activity was down in 2008, with a significant reduction in issuance of new secrecy orders — down to 68 in 2008 from 128 in 2009 — and existing secrecy orders down about .5% to 5,023 total in FY 2008 — click here to read the post.
* Daily Writing Tips warns against genericide — the death of a trademark caused by using the mark as a generic term — and gives numerous examples.
* A sincere thank you to Patent Baristas; Rush on Business; and Securing Innovation. I do not buy into the blog awards or best blog lists, but it is an honor to be nominated for Blawg Review of the year by such accomplished bloggers and lawyers. My 2008 Blawg Review was an ode to world record swims and America’s favorite Olympic son Michael Phelps — click here to read it.

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The Blawg Reviews are not belated, just my post about them. Last week’s Blawg Review #179 is up at Securing Innovation — click here to read it. It is an ode to the ballpoint pen on its seventieth anniversary. It was a transformative invention, dispersing the power of the pen much more broadly across societies. I am a rollerball guy, but it is still a great review. And as would be expected from an IP-focused blog, there is a heavy dose of IP.
This week’s Blawg Review #180 is up at Law Pundit — click here to read it. Law Pundit focuses on German-American Day with exhaustive information about German-Americans and Oktoberfest. After completing Review #179, Securing Innovation also plays a role in #180 because of its highlight of an article suggesting that the US nonpracticing entity patent litigation strategy has found its way to Germany and Europe generally — click here for Phillipa Maister’s IP Law & Business article discussing NPE’s in Europe.
Next week’s Blawg Reivew #181 by the Mediation Channel.

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