DePaul Law is hosting an impressive CLE program (11 hours of credit) this Thursday and Friday, October 15-16 at its downtown Chicago campus titled Cyberlaw 2.1: Legal Challenges of an Evolving Internet. The panels are largely academic and very impressive. Here is how DePaul describes the program:

[The conference] contemplates the changing role of the internet in society. These developments bring, as technological advances often do, both opportunities and risks.   Correspondingly, cyberlaw doctrine now confronts challenges resulting from the increasing importance of social networking applications and cloud computing, the drive toward "personalization" of search, advertising, and other internet experiences, and, as life is lived more and more online, the related threats to private life caused by the potential to store more and more complete records of individuals’ experiences. Our speakers will explore the ways in which Web 2.0 and beyond affects a wide spectrum of legal issues, ranging from privacy and freedom of expression through intellectual property.


In connection with the program, DePaul is also hosting the 12th Annual Niro Distinguished Intellectual Property Lecture and Luncheon. The speaker will be Stanford’s Mark Lemley presenting his paper, "Irrelevant Confusion." Click here to register and here for more information on either program.