This afternoon, Chief Judge Pallmeyer entered a second general order updating the first general order (which extended all civil deadlines 21 days) and further addressing the “Coronavirus COVID-19 public Emergency” The Court ordered as follows:

  • For all civil cases, all case deadlines whether set by the Federal Rules, Local Rules, Court order or Executive Committee order are extended by 28 days. For deadlines set before the first Order, deadlines have been moved a total of 49 days. Deadlines set between the two orders are only moved 28 days. The Order notes that the Court is accessible by ECF and, in “emergency” situations by phone or video.
  • Civil hearings and settlement conferences set on or before May 1 are stricken, and will be reset by the presiding judge on or after May 4.
  • Civil jury trials set on or before May 29 are stricken to be reset by the presiding judge on or after June 1.
  • The Order does not impact deadlines to appeal district court orders. But the Court held that if an extension request was timely filed, the current situation was good cause for timely motions.
  • The Clerk’s offices are closed to public entry through May 1.
  • Local Rule 5.2(f) requiring courtesy copies in certain instances is suspended for all filings through May 1. Courtesy copies may not be submitted for filings through May 1.
  • The Court will vacate, amend or extend this General Order no later than April 24.